Originally founded in 1987, Pyracanda hit the scene with their debut album „Two Sides Of A Coin“ in 1990 – an explosive mix of high density speed metal & strong melodies. Produced by Armin Sabol (Rage i.a.), the now classic album soon became the secret weapon for heavy metal made in Germany. Influenced by the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal and early Metallica, singer Hansi Nefen, the guitarists Sven Fischer & Dennis Vaupel, bassist Dieter Wittbecker and drummer Elmar Gehenzig created a unique blend of furious riffs & lush chord progressions that set them apart from their competitors. Along with labelmates Blind Guardian, Pyracanda was another treasure coming out of the No Remorse Records camp. The follow up album „Thorns“ – released in 1992 – was produced with Mekong Delta mastermind Ralph Hubert and saw Pyracanda adding some progressive rock elements. Both albums were recorded on analog tape and feature exceptional cover artwork by renowned artist Joachim Luetke (Kreator, Dimmu Borgir, Arch Enemy, Marilyn Manson, Destruction i.a.). With Gehenzig leaving the band (who was then replaced by Patrick Grün – now with Caliban) and Fischer joining the metal institution Rage a year later, things came to an end for Pyracanda, but their music hasn’t lost its magic – even nearly 30 years later. 2019 – Welcome back to Crablouse City!